Lokesh is developing programs through NTR Memorial Trust on Healthcare, Education, Skills Enhancement and Disaster Management.

Healthcare: Lokesh is designing the Trust’s healthcare program to provide the poorwith better access to medical attention, deliver need-based and efficient health care services at the door-step and expandoutreach both in rural and urban areas. The Trust’s blood banks, health camps (mobile clinics andeye camps) and NTR Sujala (purified drinking water scheme) are the vehicles for realizing his vision of a disease-free Andhra Pradesh.

Blurb: Need-based, efficient and sustainable health care services go a long way in ensuring a disease-free society

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Education: Lokesh is expanding the scope of NTR Trust’s educational program. Currently, it operates in a two-pronged way: through its own model schools; and by sponsoring children at other schools. The idea is to provide opportunities to the children of less privileged segments, develop talent and skills so they emerge as leaders and change agents among their communities and guide children towards higher education while monitoring and counseling them till they find a foothold in their chosen lines of career.

He is currently developing models where people can contribute by

  • Sponsoring the education of one or more children for a limited duration or throughout
  • Bearing the cost of construction of one or more class-rooms/laboratories/ libraries/sections/ hostel blocks/rooms
  • Sponsoring board and lodge expenses for a specific number and specific period
  • Sharing the maintenance cost of one or more hostel blocks
  • Sponsoring school kits/uniforms/text-books for a specific number of certain class(es), for as many years as you wish
  • Bearing the cost of schooling for one year or more

 Blurb:Education is the royal road for empowerment, freedom and prosperity. Let’s pave the way for a great future

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Skills Development: Lokesh’s pet project has been skills enhancement and youth empowerment.He is working on a grandiose project that involves organizing entrepreneurship development programs (EDPs) and skill development programs with a focus on rural areas. He is working on ways to devise a more organized and sustainable way of promoting vocational training, imparting employable skills and promotion of livelihood opportunities through the participation of the community/society.

Blurb: Young men and women with right skills, entrepreneurship and a fire to succeed are the torch-bearers for our way to prosperity and self-reliance

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Disaster management: Lokesh oversees thedisaster response program of the Trust that operates in times of natural calamities. This involves ensuring speedy and smooth execution of the relief measures through a hierarchy of coordination committees.

 Blurb:Helping those in distress is the right road to create a responsible and equitable society

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